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Brian McNaught's Manager's Guide for Gay & Transgender Workplace Issues

the godfather of gay sensitivity training – The New York Times

Now managers can have around-the-clock access to the most trustworthy and useful guidance for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workplace issues.

For over 30 years, Brian McNaught has helped organizations worldwide to foster highly productive work environments where every individual feels included and valued. Now his knowledge and experience are available online in a culturally sensitive, easy to understand, Web-based guide that provides managers the information they need right at their fingertips.

"This Web resource provides just-in-time answers to questions many of our managers have posed directly to the diversity office or HR in the past. Having Brian McNaught's Managers Guide available as a link from our intranet has made it possible for our 1500 managers to receive balanced, timely, consistent and clear answers to their questions."

Kathy Marvel, Chief Diversity Officer
Chubb Insurance Companies

Developed in consultation with a global team of diversity managers, trainers, sexuality educators and employee resource groups, the guide enables managers to:

  • actualize anti-discrimination policies regarding sexual orientation effectively
  • capitalize on gay and transgender talent
  • maximize productivity and total net return

The guide includes:

  • What is expected of every employee
  • What is expected of every manager
  • All of Brian's educational videos, including Understanding and Managing Gay and Transgender Issues in the Workplace
  • Proper terminology for gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender issues
  • Guidance for managing challenging situations ("So, what if...")
  • "Ask Brian" (for questions not addressed in the guide)

The guide can also be customized for each organization to include:

  • The organization's name & logo
  • A message from the CEO
  • The organization's diversity statement & goals

Download an Introduction to Brian McNaught's Manager's Guide for Gay & Transgender Workplace Issues.

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