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Sex, Scandal & Sadness

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Whether or not the Pope resigned because of a gay-related scandal in the Vatican, there is no doubt that gay sexual scandals among the clergy today are causing the average Catholic—and the average gay man—a great deal of sadness.

The head of the Scottish Catholic Church, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has resigned amidst allegations he was physically inappropriate with four priests. Monsignor Kevin Wallin is in a Connecticut jail for dealing crystal meth from the rectory, which he did to pay for his sex and drug addictions.

When I read about Cardinal O’Brien, I had much less sympathy for him than I did for Monsignor Wallin, because the Cardinal was publicly anti-gay. Such hypocrisy makes me angry and ill. But the story of Fr. Wallin made me very sad, because he represents to me the disturbing syndrome of self-destruction that I see among so many smart, talented, good-hearted, gay men inside and outside of the Catholic Church. And in Kevin Wallin’s tragic fall from grace, I see myself, had I made different choices in life than I did. Read more…

Being a Gay Parent

Friday, February 15th, 2013

The young mother was pushing her infant in the stroller in the middle of the neighborhood street. She was also texting, and listening to music through earphones. She was in her own world, but not in that of the baby. An unfocused driver could easily have killed her and the child. I slowed my car to a crawl to go around her, and gave her the "McNaught look of disapproval," but she paid no attention. She hadn’t finished typing her message.

Why don’t we insist that prospective parents pass competency tests? Regardless of a person’s age, gender, sexual orientation, race, spiritual beliefs, financial status, or mental and physical abilities, I want to know if they truly want to have a baby? Do they understand the responsibilities? Are they willing to make the necessary sacrifices of personal freedom in order to care for the child? Do they have the financial means to provide the child with proper food, shelter, clothing, and education? Do they accept that the child is not a possession to be treated as they wish, but rather a human being with legal rights? Read more…

Then and Now

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

One of Ray’s and my favorite television programs is Supernatural. It’s about two, hunky, demon-hunting brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. Each episode begins with a "Then," which shows scenes from past programs that are relevant to what the viewer is about to see. When the producers feel we know where they’ve come from, the television screen announces "Now." That’s when we discover this week’s often homoerotic, culturally cutting-edge, funny story line.

As we Baby Boomers reach retirement age, many of us reflect upon the "Then" of our lives. There was a story in the newspaper today about a sixty-something, gay couple whose home burned down, eliminating all of their reminders of the "Then" in their lives. Sometimes, we want to reflect upon the past because the future doesn’t seem to have as many possibilities for fun. Our bodies are less attractive to those with whom we fantasize having sex. We spend most of our social time talking with friends about their and our ills and pills. We sense the ride is nearly over, and with the same frustration we felt at the end of any amusement park ride of our youth, we’re thinking "Not yet." But until our dying breath, there will always be a "Now" to be lived with possible joy. Read more…