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the godfather of gay sensitivity training – The New York Times


My name is Brian McNaught. I'm an educator on the issues facing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. I do so through my books, video tapes, DVDs, and public presentations. Since 1974, I've been working primarily with predominantly heterosexual audiences in corporate and college settings helping people to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by gay people to acknowledge, affirm, and integrate our sexual orientation into our family, faith, and work communities. My experience underscores that anyone can be an ally, and that building bridges of mutual respect requires putting a face on the issue.

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Brian McNaught's Manager's Guide to Gay & Transgender Issues in the Workplace

Get immediate, 24/7 access to expert advice on your company's intranet

The guide includes:

  • What is expected of every employee
  • What is expected of every manager
  • Proper terminology for gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender issues
  • Guidance for managing challenging situations ("So, what if...")
  • "Ask Brian" (for questions not addressed in the guide)

Use the guide as a learning tool, allowing managers to familiarize themselves with the concepts and guidance at their own pace or as a reference tool, providing managers blueprints for managing specific situations. Ensure your company's message and position is always consistent.

Customize the guide with your company's logo, message, and colors. Your one-year license includes an unlimited number of users and unlimited access to all 6 of Brian's educational videos.

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